Three Phase Electricity Energy Standard Meter

This is wide current range Three Phase Reference Standard Meter, suit for Stationary Three Phase Energy Meter Test System.
Product description

Three Phase Multi-function Standard Meter


Model ID: SZ-03A-K8


Features of Three Phase Multi-function Standard Meter


  • • High accuracy class and long period stability

  • • Universal unit for many application

  • • Measuring various kinds of electric parameters in the three phase or single phase circuit synchronousely

  • • Have the function of low frequency pulse input to calculate the error

  • • Vector diagram display

  • • Waveform display for voltage & current of each phase

  • • Analysis and display of harmonics

  • • Energy Accumulating

  • • RS232/Rs485 interface can be controlled by PC system



Main Technical Parameters 

Test Voltage

Measurement Range

5V ... 480V


±0.02% (5V ... 480V)

Display range

5.000000V ... 480.0000V

Test Current


10mA – 120A


±0.02% (50mA ... 120A)

±0.05% (10mA ... 50mA)

Display range

1.000000mA ...120.0000A

Power measure error

Active power

±0.02% (50mA ... 120A)

Reactive power

±0.05% (50mA...120A)

Apparent power

±0.05% (50mA...120A)

Phase angle


0º ...360º



Display range

0.000001º ... 359.9999º



45Hz ... 65Hz

Display range

45.0000 ... 65.0000

Pulse output


TTL pulse, load > 2kΩ

High freq. pulse output

500kHz (max)

low freq. pulse output

10Hz (max)

Output level


Energy Pulse input

Input level


Input frequency

0.5KHz (Max)


Voltage Supply

220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz ± 2Hz

Ambient temperature

10°C ... 30°C

Influence of external fields

less than 0.05 % / mT

Relative humidity

45% ... 75%

Dimensions (W×H×D) 

432mm *131mm * 470mm

Net Weight (kg)

Approx. 16


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