Three Phase Energy Meter Calibrator

Three Phase Energy Meter Calibrator

The Calibrator's used in the measurement testing center of the grid companies, measurement department of power supply companies and power plants, national measurement testing institutions and metrology inspection departments, measurement testing departments of medium-sized enterprises, such as railway and petrochemical. Also, it can be used by the manufacturers of energy meters, includes its production, research and development, testing departments, as well as in universities and related research institutions, specialized laboratories.The meters user can calibrate including : Single-phase active energy meter, three-phase three-wire active energy meter, three-phase three-wire composite meter, three-phase four-wire active energy meter, three-phase four-wire composite meter, three-phase three-wire sine reactive energy meter, three-phase four-wire sine reactive energy meter, two elements 60° reactive energy meter, two elements 90° reactive energy meter, and three elements 90° reactive energy meter .
Product description


Moving Three Phase Energy Meter Calibrator


Model: YC99T-5C


Geny's portable KWH meter test system adopts mature signal synthetic and advance power amplifier technology, wide voltage and current output with high efficiency and high stability, to be widely used in lab and field.


◇ Features & Functions


      1. Supports DLT-645(2007) communication protocol, and can complete demand indication error, 

          demand period error, time switching error, rate period energy indication error and other 

          multi-function test project.

      2. Constant temperature crystal oscillator, which can verify the daily time error of electric 

         energy meter.

      3. Fantastic panels screen and wiring arrangement, the front and rear panel are designed to be 


      4. It can be used as harmonic power output equipment, which can create stable harmonic output

      5. The calibrator is combined by a power source and calibration electronic instrument 

          with wide current and voltage output range. 

      6. Calibrate energy meters automatically, which including items, such as, 

          preheating, starting, creeping, accuracy error, influence, quantity test etc.


◇ Specifications


Meter Test System data sheet

Established in 1987, GENY is well-known as one of the leading and professional manufacturers and suppliers of three phase energy meter calibrator in China. Please rest assured to buy the quality equipment made in China from us and experience our good after-sale service.
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