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Stability instrument
Dec 06, 2016

Within the specified working conditions, instrument performance ability to remain the same over time stability (degrees). Instruments are instruments of chemical enterprises are very concerned about the stability of a performance. Because chemical companies use instruments are relatively rough, the measured temperature and pressure variations are relatively large, investment instruments used in such an environment, some parts of the instrument's ability to remain the same over time will be reduced, stability instrument will decline. Instrument stability there is no quantitative value, chemical companies are usually zero-drift instrumentation to measure the stability of the instrument. Instrument put into operation one year zero no drift, instead instrument put into operation less than 3 months, meter zero change, indicating instrument stability. Instrument is directly related to the stability of the instrument used, sometimes directly affects the chemical production, often dual-instrument precision instrument stability impact of greater impact of a decline in chemical production. Instrument stability instrument maintenance, is the instrument of the most unwanted things.

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