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nstrument accuracy
Dec 06, 2016

Instrument accuracy accuracy, also known as the accuracy. Accuracy and error can be said to be twins,

Instrument (Figure 4)
Instrument (Figure 4) because of error exists, the concept of precision. Meter accuracy in short is the accuracy of instrument measurements close to the true value, usually with relative percentage error (also called relative conversion error).

To improve the accuracy of instrument, and error analysis. Errors can be divided into careless errors, slow change error, systematic and random errors. Inadvertent errors are caused by human error in the measurement process, could be overcome, two have nothing to do and the instrument itself. Slowly varying error is caused by the instrument components of the aging process, it can be used to replace components, spare parts or through constant correction be combated and eliminated. System error refers to repeated measurements of the same parameters to be measured, the value or symbol that appears is the same error, or according to a certain rule changes the error can be caused by the accident is not yet known, the numerical size and nature are not fixed, it is difficult to estimate, but can be estimated by statistical methods from the theory of its influence on test results.

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