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Instrument sensitivity
Dec 06, 2016

Sensitivity refers to the meter sensitivity of parameters to be measured, or the ability to respond to changes in the quantity being measured, is under steady, incremental output change to input changes the ratio of the incremental:

Sensitivity is sometimes also called "zoom" instrument of static characteristics relevant to each point on the line of the slope. Increase the magnification can improve instrument sensitivity, simply increase the sensitivity does not change the basic properties of the instrument, that instrument does not improve the accuracy, instead sometimes oscillation of output instability. Instrument sensitivity should maintain an appropriate weight.

However, instrument users, such as instrument makers of chemical enterprises, meter accuracy is certainly an important indicator, but in actual use, are often more emphasized the stability and reliability of the instrument, because chemical testing and process control instruments for measuring small amounts is used to detect. In addition, using instrumentation in the process control system stability and reliability is more important than accuracy.

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