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YC1893D Accuracy Class 0.02% Three-Phase Electronic Energy Meter Test System with ICTs for Smart Meter ◆ Description GENY’s meter test systems adopt the most advanced electronic measurement technique and modular concept combine the difference reference standards and power amplifier to satisfy...
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YC1893D Accuracy Class 0.02% Three-Phase Electronic Energy Meter Test System with ICTs for Smart Meter



◆  Description


GENY’s meter test systems adopt the most advanced electronic measurement technique and modular concept combine the difference reference standards and power amplifier to satisfy customers’ requirements in electric energy meter manufactures, electric power utilities, metrology laboratory, measuring and quality examining departments and factories or enterprises.


The YC1893D meter test system is a full-automatic test system for testing and calibration of both single-phase and three-phase electric energy meters, which composes of:


○    Three-phase Power source

    Three-phase Reference standard meter

    Meter suspension test rack

    Tariffs control system (fixed voltages, optical port reader, ripple control box)

    Other necessary parts

    PC and software controlling the whole system


The YC1893D meter test system is fully compliant with the IEC 60736 standard and is suitable for testing meters according to the following standards:


    IEC 62052-11 and IEC 62053-11, -21, -22, -23, -24

    IEC 62056

    EN 50470-1, EN 50470-2, EN-50470-3

    IEC 61010



◆  Features


1.  The meter test system can measure mechanical meters, electronic mechanical meters

     and electronic meter by the way of automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation.

2.  Aluminium alloy material, light and strong and corrosion resistant.

3.  Automatic positioning rotor mark of disc of mechanical meter, with more efficiency.

4.  The swing together of the scanning heads simplifies the control.

5.  Fully automatic completion of the following tests:

        a)    Accuracy test in all four quadrants (active, reactive and apparent energy)

        b)    Creep test (No-load test)

        c)    Starting current test

        d)    Dial test (Register test)

        e)    Meter constant test

        f)     Influence quantity test (voltage, frequency, harmonic distortion, etc.)

        g)    Calibration of reference standard meter having lower accuracy than the employed

               reference standard

        h)    Pre-warming

        i)     Dips and Interruptions

        j)     Testing single-phase meters under tampered conditions

6.  Measuring different constants of meters synchronously.

7.  With the protection function of overload, short voltage circuit and open current circuit.




-    Technical specification for 24 position meter test system


The test bench is multiple position up to 24 meters, 0.02% of accuracy class Three-phase Meter Test System with ICTs, with multiple serial port communication system for parallel communication for testing of smart meters.


    Power Supply



    Power Source



    Standard Meter


1.1    General Introduction


The SZ-03A-K8 series three phase standard meter utilize such lasted technology as high-speed DSP, CPLD, MCU and ADC with self-calibration, etc. Thus, the meter can sample AC signal in high speed and treat them with special digital arithmetic. All of these make the meter’s structure simply and measure 0.02% accuracy of the relative error.




1.2    Features




    Suspension test Rack


A.    24-meter position distribute on 2-meter racks, double side two rows,

       each row include 6 positions.

B.    There is a three-colour indicator light on the top of each rack.

C.    Each meter position installs a quick connector QCD, a push hand, a scanning head,

       an error display window, and a DB9M socket.



D.    All the current cable wiring in the rack is 30mm2

E.    DB9M socket is for RS232 port, RS232 is offered by Multiport Serial Server

       which extends 24 ports connect with 24 MUTs.



F.    Optical port reader for meter communication


●    Specification




  -  IEC 62056-21 standard (old IEC 1107)
  -  ANSI C12.18-1996 & 2007 standard

  -  EIA232E standard


  Infrared optical


  RS232-DB9 integrated connector


  From RS232 port, no battery required

  Maximum Baud Rate

  Up to 38400bps


  Strong magnetic adhesion complied 

  with IEC62056-21 or ANSI C12.18


  2 meters straight cable (6.5 feet)


  -15°C ~ 80°C (5°F - 176°F) 


●    Options

Extended Temp. Cable: -35°C ~ 80°C (-31°F - 176°F)

Spiral cable is available.

Cable:     Extended length upon request


G.    Isolation Current Transformer (ICT)

Nowadays, more and more energy meter’s current and voltage channel is fixed connection; it is close IP-link meter. For testing of meters with closed IP-link, the unit under test must be supplied with isolated and potential-free current and voltage signals. The previous test bench couldn’t offer such signals, can only test open IP-link meter. TICT-100 series is a precision isolated current transformer (ICT) with active electronic error compensation, can offer the insolated high accuracy current, to test close IP-link meter. TICT-100 series can be installed on the new test bench or used to upgrading the old test bench.




Technical data of ICT

-    Current range 3× (10mA – 120A)

-    Accuracy 0.01 (100mA – 120A)

-    Ratio 1:1 (primary current = secondary current)

-    Frequency range 45Hz – 65Hz

-    Output burden voltage 3×0.6V (max)

-    Output power 3×60VA (max)

-    Communication port RS-485

-    Power supply +/- 12VDC

-    Power consumption 20 VA (max)

-    Operation temperature - 10°C … +50°C

-    Storage temperature - 20°C … +60°C

-    Dimensions (H×W×D) 290mm×275mm×296mm

-    Weight approx.17kg


H.    Scanning head

       The light head can be adjustable and retractable for easy access when putting meters in place.



I.    Quick Connector Device (QCD)

        -    QCD designed to be able to test three-phase and single-phase meter types

        -    Pins can be spring loaded to avoid too much stress to the meter terminal connection.

        -    Minimum distance between two adjacent pins (minimum pitch) can be down to 11mm apart.

        -    Entire row of pins can be shifted back and forth a small distance from its normal position.

        -    Current pins can withstand 120A for long periods

        -    Terminal pins designed for easy removal for cases when setup needs to be changed.

        -    LT-CT Operated Energy Meter to be support to connect



    Power Source Cabinet


        A.    Manual control device is installed on the front panel of power source cabinet



        B.    Main power switch and power supply switch for each module are installed on the

      back panel of cabinet, include:

                -    Power:    Main power switch

                -    PC:           Computer

                -    MOXA:    MOXA system



        C.    All the current cable in cabinet are 30 mm2





Established in 1987, GENY is well-known as one of the leading and professional manufacturers and suppliers of smart meter test bench in China. Please rest assured to buy the quality equipment made in China from us and experience our good after-sale service.
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